The Value of Animals During Investigations


Animals are long considered a gateway to the “other-side.”  With heightened perceptive abilities and an uncanny otherworldly sense, animals may be able to unlock the mysteries of the paranormal.

From an historical perspective, animals have been revered as caretakers of the afterlife with “one foot in, and the other out.”  Cats were deified by the Egyptians.  Canaries were hailed as saviors of miners for the ability to sense undetectable, deadly gasses.  “Spirit Guides” in the form of native species were called upon by American Indians in times of internal struggle and as guardians of their burial sites.  Hybrid animals were used as tools of the Gods in ancient Greece.  It stands to reason then that animals should be used by modern day “paranormal investigators” during their adventures.

I can tell you that far too often both my cats and dogs have stared into the hallway, or at a vacant doorway, seemingly following something unseen.  More unsettling, I have two each of cats and dogs and they seem to track the same object with the same expressions and the same movements.

Recently, realty shows have begun to bring dogs along on the hunt.  Pioneered, on T.V. at least by the Ghost Hunters, the dogs in these shows have displayed unnerving behavior.  Those familiar with the episodes that the dogs tag-a-long, will recall that the same areas discussed during the pre-investigation tour are the same spots that the dogs are hesitant to enter.  On occasion, the dogs’ nervous reactions immediately precede a paranormal experience.

Unlike tools and electronics which are easily manipulated, both by man and environment, the survival instinct of an animal is unwavering and may usher in a new era of accepted and corroborated physical evidence.


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