Universal Consciousness

Walking down the broad sidewalks of a big city, something about it invokes faint memories of Des Moines as we are surrounded with tall buildings and even skyscrapers but there is not another soul to be seen, we are filled with excitement.  Had we just come from a night of bar hopping?  I do not know, but we are laughing and practically skipping along when we come upon a large modern mansion on our left.  The front terraces are illuminated dully by the orange glow of the street lights lining the wide empty street to our right.  The mansion is set quite a way back from the road (or highway?) but a few more orange lighted globes reveal the mix of stone and dark wood of the low but sprawling mansion.  There is something oriental in its style.  Directly to our left is a long, low-chest high stone wall, sculpted to look very natural.  The grade drops steeply behind the wall and there is a fence roughly ten yards in.  Is this some sort of zoo?  I ponder this as I call my wife’s attention to a lone gray donkey standing near one of the few trees in this enclosure.  As I look down to my right I see a path winding down alongside of a few more enclosures.

As my brother, wife, and I stand looking down into the first enclosure five or six white bipedal apes emerge from rock-hewn crevices lining the sides of the area.  They begin jumping around wildly and carrying on.  I am struck dumb.  I can imagine the reactions of my two companions although I cannot look away to check.

A blur.  Fast forward.  The three of us are walking down the path towards what seems to be an open entrance to a cave or the lower levels of the mansion at the top of the hill we are now descending.  More shocking animals emerge in the enclosures to our left.  Most cannot be recalled at this later date, I remember something like an okapi in one.  The three of us enter the cavern like room at the end of the path.  It is dark at first, but as we enter a soft yellow glow (from the floor up) illuminates the walls of the cavern, clean and sculpted like the rock wall outside.  There are large rectangular glass tanks embedded into the rock.  We approach the first, only dark outlines can be seen inside until I rest my hand on the top of the tank.  A blue glow emanates from the edges of the tank.  Words appear on the top of the tank which I cannot now distinguish.  I do not believe it is in English, or at least an alphabet I am familiar with. What I see inside is a mix between a desert and an ocean landscape, possibly like a tidal zone but somehow wholly unlike it.  Picture if you will, dry sand like that of an Arizonian desert.  On the top and sides of a jagged rock to the rear right corner of the tank there are emerging vibrant pink and green tentacles of what can only be described as sea anemones.  It is clear from way the light behaves and from the movement of the sand beneath the pointed feet of two black lobsters over four feet in length that there is inexplicably no water in this tank.  Judging by the way they carry themselves in normal gravity the lobsters are definitely land animals.  Mind boggling.

The tank to the right of this one contains a variety of the land anemones in varying shades of pink, green, and yellow.  Blooming from the rocks like great chrysanthemums.  A slight turn to right and I lay may hand on the top of another large, low aquarium.  This time I can understand the words as they illuminate in blue.  It says on the top line “Boxing Tortoise” with “Lehmeria” slightly smaller beneath.  This creature for some reason blows the others away in its simple brilliance.  There are two of these boxing tortoises in the tank, although at first one would not know it.  A pink flower recedes into a two foot wide hemispherical gray rock in the tank, which then shifts slightly, lifting itself enough for a head and long neck to come out of one side.  A tail pokes slowly out of the opposite end and four tortoise feet become apparent underneath.  The process repeats with the other rock in the tank.  This has to be the most brilliant camouflage I have ever seen.  The flower appendage flicks quickly in and out of the nostril of one of the boxing tortoises.

A slight turn back to the left and we encounter another large glass enclosure.  As I put my hand on the top the blue lights reveal two creatures running around the perimeter.  They remind me most of shaggy brown Tasmanian devils, the primary difference being a longer muzzle with visibly longer teeth and a wider gape.  My wife, of course, finds them adorable and I crouch to get a better look.  I tap on the front of the tank to check for a reaction, to my surprise the front of the tank just vanishes.  The two creatures take off into the room, not going anywhere in particular, just extending their track a bit.

I immediately start to think that this is bad.  I start to wonder if it is okay that we are here.  I know that these creatures need to be caught and returned to their enclosure I see my wife has picked one up and is playing with it in her arms.  I take a few steps to cut the other off and pick it up.  I am walking back towards the tank and thinking about that word from the other tank “Lehmeria” it seems so familiar but I cannot quite place it.  Just then the creature in my arms bites onto my right hand.

I awake with a start and find myself in the guest bedroom of my in-laws house.  We had come back to our hometown to host a first birthday party for my son.  Just another one of the incredibly vivid and memorable dreams I have had throughout my life.  I told my wife, dad, and brother about this amazing dream and the strange memory of this word Lemuria. I had now realized that it was a word I had seen on an old map in my office.  It was supposed to be a map of the world after the redistribution of water do to global climate change, or something like that.  Apparently this continent would be exposed by receding waters.  Interesting to note how these animals seemed to be sea creatures displaced to land.  I wish my waking brain was as creative as my sleeping brain because the animals were fantastic.

Oh well, I thought, se la vie.  Life went on as usual.  We had a fun ocean themed birthday party for my son with many of our friends and family in attendance.  We returned to our home and went back to work as normal.  It was early in the week, however, that I began to notice a surge of posts on some of the websites that I frequent for my “news” talking about this “lost continent” and referring to fabled Lemuria.  Such strange coincidence could not be wholly ignored and led me to post a comment on a Ghost Theory article found here: http://www.ghosttheory.com/2013/02/27/lost-continent.

To quote my post:  Coincidence I’m sure, but I had a very vivid dream on Saturday night about being in a zoo that contained all sorts of different animals from Lemuria (a concept I am not even overly familiar with).  I had just seen the word on an old map in my office that had been there since I moved in.  Since Saturday I have seen multiple articles here on Ghost Theory and on other websites as headlines.  Very strange.  Universal consciousness anyone?

The thought of a universal consciousness or universal mind is one that has always fascinated me.  Have you ever had a song stuck in your head, then it just happens to come on the radio next?  I think of it as something like that.  Some theories seem to describe the universal mind as the interconnectedness of all thought, human and non-human, a sort of hive mind that is shared by all things.  I would not take it nearly to this level.  I think there may be just enough premonition ability in the human sub or unconscious to let hints of future possibilities slip into our thoughts.  It may be that our brains are just constantly coming up with all sorts of possibilities for the future, so many that when something actually does match up we take note, ignoring the fact that there were thousands of incorrect predictions stored in the lower levels of our thought.  I feel, however, that I have encountered to many of these “coincidences” on a daily basis to believe this.  I, of course, do not know the answer to such questions.  I am no psychologist, or any sort of strangely enlightened holy person, I am but a humble hobby writer who likes to ponder the para possibilities around us.


One response to “Universal Consciousness

  • Nate

    “four” tortoise feet, the “other” rock in the tank, word “from” the other tank, oh well i “thought”, on as usual”,”. If you would please, sir. I guess I should have read over it once before submitting it.

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