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The Library

A Word from the Author

This is a short story I wrote with my love of Lovecraft as the inspiration.  I have found that many of his stories take a long time to get to one big “pop” and then that’s it.  That is what I have tried to do with this story.  The Library in this form is a stand alone story.  Another plot has come into my head for a parallel story that will eventually join The Library and a third, as of yet, unimaginable story to create one long, cohesive narrative.  A thorough reading of this portion would indicate that there will need to be some changes in order for this to happen.  So without further ado, I give you The Library.  Enjoy. Continue reading


A Loathsome Beast

A Word.

Although we may not know it, or, at the very least, we may not think about it, we live in an age of rampant outward discovery and rare inward reflection.  Sure, often enough, we subject ourselves to, what is aptly named, various forms of psychotherapy and self medicating.  What we are most concerned with, however, is outward appearance.  Even those of us enough willing to take a chance on ourselves, fall prey to our need to be revered.  Selfishness is unavoidable.  We preoccupy ourselves too often with preaching our good deeds.  And in that style, altruism cannot exist.  What then of those who are able to project their internal conflict en masse?  They are demonized.

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